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The IREC and the XaRmae are organizing the workshop: “Electrical Machines with HTS Technology for Wind Power Applications”

Thursday 13 December 2012

8:45h to 18:30h

Venue: Hotel Diagonal Zero (Plaça de Llevant, s/n. 08019, Barcelona)


The workshop is an opportunity to analyze the types of superconducting materials that can be used in electrical machines, current superconducting machine projects and the challenges for the application of HTS materials in high power wind turbines.
During the workshop, we will hear from leading experts with extensive experience in superconducting materials and machines, and we will hold an open discussion to define their current status and the steps to be followed to develop the next generation HTS wind turbine.
The workshop is addressed to all people and companies that have experience in high power wind energy and consider HTS machines as a viable alternative.

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