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Jornada Transició Energètica a Catalunya
Jornada XaRMAE-Solartys: Integració PV i Autoconsum

Synthetic fuels for an energetic sustainability with renewable energy

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XaRMAE is organizing a workshop in the field of synthetic fuels. In this event different pilot plants to produce synthetic fuels starting from several “raw materials” are discussed. Research centres and companies from Spain would present their innovations in these fields.  “Synthetic fuels for an energetic sustainability with renewable energy” will open discussion about these technologies for different Applications: gas for mobility; gas injection in the grid; connections of electric and gas grids.

The event will be held in the new energy campus of the Technical university of Catalonia: Polyvalent room, I Building - Escola d’Enginyeria Barcelona Est (EEBE-UPC), next 29th novembre.

You can find more information and inscriptions here.

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