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XaRMAE participarà en el "Progress in thermoelectric materials and systems & HITTEG Workshop"

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Progress in thermoelectric materials and systems


HITTEG workshop

Venue: Sala de Conferències of IREC

22nd November

ORGANIZAZER: Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC) & XaRMAE


The Thermoelectric Generation Workshop will be hosted by the project HITTEG (HIgh Temperature ThermoElectric Generators), co-funded by KIC Innoenergy from the European Institute of Technology. The Workshop will get together thermoelectric materials and system researchers, developers and end-users with the following objectives:

1.      Discuss on technologically, economically and EHS-viable materials and material production methods for efficient thermoelectric energy conversion .

2.      Discuss on thermoelectric module architecture, assembly processes and materials..

3.      Discuss on thermoelectric generation applications and markets.


Thermoelectric generator



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